We set out to find a compostable sanitary pad supplier, what we found was so much more.  Our quest was to find a sanitary pad that contained zero plastic and was certified compostable, what we also discovered was heartbreaking period poverty, stigmas and shame being experienced by individuals all over the world, and uplifting stories of those fighting to break this cycle.  

So you can imagine our relief when our research lead us to India, and to a social enterprise that has been addressing both of these issues.  They make our quality Flossim & Co sustainable sanitary pads from a 100% compostable bio sap.  They are non-toxic and gentle on your body.  They will compost in 90-180 days, are wrapped in a bioplastic bag and recycled card box.

Our supply partner are a social enterprise that make our pads in factories that they have built in rural India to employ and empower those who were once living in period poverty.  They also run education programs to educate, and in turn end the stigma and shame that many Indian's associate with menstruation.

When you buy a Flossim & Co sanitary pad you are making the right environmental purchase, you are making the right social choice, to help many menstruators in India and Australia.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts xx